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ground support equipments...

NEOOS AVIA has developed a partnership with GUINAULT: expert in aircraft power since 1949.

In 60 years, GUINAULT has developed a worldwide renown expertise in Ground Support Equipment dedicated to :


  • Aircraft 400Hz and 28Vdc Ground Power Units
  • Frequency Converter
  • Air Start Units
  • Air Conditioning Units (civil Cabin Heaters, military air conditioning units)

Today, more than 7000 units are in operation in around 80 countries with the most selective customers and in all type of climatic operating conditions. Users can be:

  • Airlines
  • Ground Handling Companies
  • Airports
  • Military Armed Forces (Air Force, Land Force, Navy)


Civil range Ground Support Equipment...


Range of equipment designed for an optimized Total Cost of Ownership - TCO - through low fuel consumption (operating costs), use of standard components,  low maintenance, high reliability and long life time.

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