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Neoos Avia : Efficient, creative & user friendly


NEOOS AVIA has developed its expertise in the supply of spare parts whether for commercial, military or private aviation.

In addition to this specific area, NEOOS AVIA has widened its scope, adding consumables such as tyres and lubricants to its range.

NEOOS AVIA is also able to supply ground support equipment.

A reliable service, a secure supply and the best prices and lead times are the key principles for NEOOS AVIA.

Our team at NEOOS AVIA is always ready to take up a challenge. The key to our success: a mix of efficiency, creativity and friendliness.

For NEOOS AVIA, every client is a privileged partner.

307 chaussée de Bruxelles • B-6020 Dampremy • Phone +32 71 23 80 80 •

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