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Royal offers the most comprehensive range of aircraft lubricants available from any single source: Aviation greases, Turbine oils, Hydraulic fluids, Preservatives, General purpose lubricants, Anti-Seize compounds.


Product US Military Specification Notes
Royco 581 Mil-C-6529C Type 1 Ashless corrosion inhibitor concentrate for aircraft engines. Flyaway oil (<50 hrs)
Royco 482 Mil-C-6529C Type 2 Reciprocating aircraft engine preservative oil. Flyaway oil (<50 hrs)
Royco 483 Mil-C-6529C Type 3 Turbine engine and fuel system preservative
Royco 789 Synthetic Turbine engine preservative (Eur. avail. only)
Royco 64 Mil-G-21164D general purpose aircraft grease for gears, bearings, instruments and controls. -100 F to +275 F
Royco 27 Mil-PRF-23827C (Eur. avail. only)
Royco 45 Mil-G-3545C (obsolete) Petro based gen purpose aircraft gear and bearing grease
Royco 32 SAE-AMS-G-6032D Fuel, oil, water and steam resistant grease. Fuel system plug valve grease
Royco 13CF Mil-G-25013 Wide temperature range ball & roller bearing grease (-73C to +232C)
Royco 49 or Royco 22CF Mil-G-7711 (obsolete) Gen purpose aircraft grease
Royco 43 SAE-AMS-G-4343 Aircraft pneumatic system grease
Royco 22CF Mil-PRF-81322F Multi purpose aircraft grease wide temperature range (-65F to +450F)
Royco 756 Mil-PRF-5605H Petro based red hydraulic fluid (superclean filtered)
Royco 756A Petro based hydraulic fluid (red) non superclean
Royco 782 Mil-PRF-83282D Synthetic based fire resistant hydraulic fluid (red)
Royco 770 Mil-PRF-46170C Synthetic based hydraulic fluid, fire resistant, perservative grade
Royco 717 Mil-DTL-17111C Power transmission fluid for shipboard ordnance systems
Royco 481 Mil-PRF-6081D Gr 1010 Petro based jet engine lube oil and fuel system stabilizer
Royco 363 Mil-PRF-7870C GP light lubricating oil for aircraft components
Royco 885 Mil-PRF-6085D Low volability lube oil for aircraft & instruments
Royco 808 Mil-PRF-7808L Gr3 3cSt synthetic turbine engine oil
Royco 586L Mil-PRF-6086E Low temerature lube oil for helicopter gear boxes and accessories
Royco 44 SAE-AMS-2518 Antiseize/sealing compound w/graphite
Royco 634 Cleaner, lubricant, and preservative for weapons and weapons systems
Royco 81MS DoD-L-25681D High temp lubricant, MOS2 in silicone base
Royco 783 MIL-PRF-6083F
Royco 950 MIL-PRF-7024E
Royco 49 Mil-G-23549
Royco 500 Mil-prf-23699F Std Lubricating oil aircraft turbine engine base type STD
Royco 899 MIL-PRF-23699F CI Lubricating oil aircraft turbine engine base type CI
Royco 560 MIL-PRF-23699F(HTS) Lubricating oil aircraft turbine engine base type HTS
Royco 308A MIL-PRF-32033A
Royco 46 MIL-L-46000 Lubricating oil semi fluid
Royco 46TF MIL-L-46150 Lubricating oil semi fluid
Royco 634 MIL-PRF-63460D
Royco 22MS MIL-G-81827 Grease Aircraaaft hight load capacity wide temperature range
Royco 555 DoD-L-85734A
Royco 602 MIL-PRF-87252C Coolant fluid, hydrolytically stable dielectric
Royco 777 MIL-PRF-87257A Hydraulic fluid fire resistant synthetic hydrocarbon base
Royco SSF BMS 3-32T1
Royco LGF BMS 3-32T2


Cross references

Product NATO
UK Joint Service
BRITISH Military
Royco 581 C-608 ZX-21 DTD 900/4913A
Royco 482 C-609
Royco 483 C-610 ZX-17
Royco 789 C-635 PX-26 DTD 5540B
Royco 64 G-353 XG-276 DEF STAN 91-57/1
Royco 27 G-354 XG-287 DEF STAN 91-53/1
Royco 45   G-359
Royco 32 G-363 XG-235 DEF STAN 91-6/1
Royco 13CF G-372 XG-300 DEF STAN 91-55/1
Royco 49 or Royco 22CF G-382 XG-271 DEF STAN 91-12/1
Royco 43 G-392 XG-269
Royco 22CF G-395 XG-293 DEF STAN 91-52/1
Royco 756 H-515 OM-15 DEF STAN 91-48/1 Superclean
Royco 756A H-520 OM-18 DEF STAN 91-48 Normal
Royco 782 H-537 OX-19
Royco 770 H-544
Royco 717 H-575
Royco 481 O-133
Royco 363 O-142 OM-12 DEF STAN 91-47/1
Royco 885 O-147 OX-14 DEF STAN 91-49/1
Royco 808 O-148 OX-9
Royco 586L O-153 OEP-30 Grl DTD 581C Gr OEP 30
Royco 44 S-720 ZX-13 DEF STAN 80-80/1
Royco 634 s-758 Mil-PRF-63460D
Royco 81MS S-1735 OX-70




This list is provided solely for the convenience of the user in order to provide comparison of the relevant U.K. MoD Specification to a product available from Anderol, Inc. Some testing per the U.K. Specification has not been performed as the test equipment required is not available in the U.S. or the method does not conform to U.S. or ASTM test procedures. The ROYCO® Product recommended does not necessarily meet all the clauses/requirements of the U.K. Specification, but is the closest product marketed by Anderol, Inc. For this reason, no representation is made by Anderol, Inc. or any of its agents as to the suitability of the purchaser or operator of the pertinent equipment. Anderol, Inc. shall assume no liability or responsibility for damages arising from the use of these products.

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