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NEOOS POWER division is an industry leader in manufacturing, distribution and industrial maintenance.

Based in Belgium, its B to B activities extend throughout Europe and Africa.

NEOOS POWER division brings its expertise in the field to distributing the best international makes such as PERKINS, Compair, Nynas, Anderol, Exxon Mobil, etc.

Well-known locally for its creativity, efficiency and friendliness, NEOOS is the partner you can always count on.

NEOOS provides effective and qualified support while also developing economical solutions that are adapted to the realities of the local environment.

Thanks to its location in the heart of Europe and its efficient logistics system, NEOOS guarantees rapid deliveries that are of course accompanied by the documents required by national legislation for straightforward local customs clearance.






What really makes a business successful?

Throughout my career I have met numerous users in Europe, in Africa and in the Middle East. The main preoccupation everywhere is the same: to find reliable and effective partners who are experts in their field and capable of adapting their services to the local situation in a creative manner.

NEOOS was created in order to meet this need.

From the shores of the North Sea to the beaches of the Atlantic via the Mediterranean, the men and women at NEOOS all share the same aim: to deliver excellent service locally.

You will enjoy a warm and friendly reception from the first point of contact, from which we will build a lasting and productive relationship.
Connections that go back more than twenty years mean we count our clients as friends.

I look forward to meeting you.

Chief Executive Officer

Neoos avia...


NEOOS AVIA was created to meet the specific needs of users of civil or military aircraft.

Based in Belgium, its B to B activities extend throughout Europe and Africa.

The principal activity of NEOOS AVIA is to supply high-quality spare parts at competitive prices and with short lead times.

Building on its experience, NEOOS AVIA has expanded its range of products to include consumables: lubricants, tyres and ground support equipment.

NEOOS AVIA is the distributor for makes that are well-known in the aviation sector: ROYCO, Exxon Mobil, etc.

NEOOS AVIA has a team of people who are always considerate and ready to respond, using effective and creative solutions.

Our quality control process from start to finish will guarantee you tailor-made deliveries which meet the stringent regulations in force.

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