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Industrial maintenance...


Industrial maintenance is NEOOS’ core activity.
Our teams specialise in diesel and gas engines and in hydraulics.

We have developed several service options depending on your requirements


Maintenance procedures audit
Repair shop design


Every day 24/7
Regular maintenance according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Refurbishment (Complete overhaul)


Whatever the scale of the project, NEOOS offers the solution with the best quality/price ratio and gives you peace of mind in managing your engine stock.

the advantages of NEOOS...

  • Our teams are mobile and ready to go. They come to you and carry out the work on your premises.
  • Our teams use tools that are adapted for your engines including communication software and electronic configuration files.
  • Our teams always stay up-to-date with the manufacturers’ latest changes in technology. Our specialists have completed obligatory training in the manufacturers’ factories and are fully certified.
  • Our teams only use genuine parts.
  • Our specialists communicate with your technicians. Rather than operating in isolation, we work in close collaboration with your on-site staff. One of the qualities we look for in our technicians is their ability to listen, communicate and interact. We believe in talking things through with you in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
  • At the end of the job you will receive a detailed statement of the services carried out as well as advice on subsequent maintenance.

NEOOS also advises users on minimising their environmental impact while maintaining manufacturers’ standards in order to guarantee optimum performance of the engines.

NEOOS is committed to protecting the future of the planet.

This commitment is good for you too, because a well-maintained engine is also an economical and reliable one.

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