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Polar Bear

Canadian Polar Bear Water Distillers were originally developed and brought to market in the early 1970's. for residential use.

Since 1978, the company developed new models of distillers suitable for commercial use, and expanded the product offering to include water dispensers.

The motto of Polar Bear Water Distillers is : "We Care About The Water You Drink".

Polar Bear Water Group continues the tradition of delivering the highest quality pure water distilling and dispensing appliances.

It can be used as a drinking water, for cooking, for electric irons and batteries and is pure enough to be used for intravenous feeding, inhalation therapy, prescriptions and baby formulas.

Polar Bear Pure WaterThe Polar Bear product line includes 5 home distillers of various capacities, 2 distillers designed for commercial applications, plus water dispensers, water coolers, and bottle rinsers.

NEOOS distributes POLAR BEAR products in Morocco, in Tunisia and in Algeria.

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